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The legend of the Dream Catchers is believed to have originated many generations ago in the great Sioux Nation. A Dreamcatcher was hung in the tepees, above someone sleeping, to guard against bad dreams. The Dream Catchers allowed good dreams to pass through and slide down the feathers onto the sleeper. But a bad dream would become entangled in the webbing of the dreamcatcher, and in the morning the sun would melt it away. To this day many people believe in the power of the Dreamcatchers. Others see them as a beautiful decoration.

The Dreamcatcher was made out of willow or green branches and sinew, decorated with stones, or parts of animals of certain characteristics and energies. Modern Dreamcatchers come in all sizes and shapes and in many different styles and colors. The intention remains the same....

A few samples of our handmade dreamcatchers.  View additional designs in the online catalog.
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More Dreamcatchers
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